Event Details

Ticket Allocation

Please specify the total capacity of the event, as well as the total number of tickets allocated for sale by Ticketline. Followed by a break-down by type (including seat numbers if applicable) and price. If more than one type of ticket is to go on sale please specify the number of each to be put on sale. There is also space to provide details of any special considerations.

Standard details will always be included such as event name, venue, price etc. but please specify any specific wording you would like.
Please note: There is a character limit of 250 total across 4 lines of the ticket

Ticketline can print all tickets it sells for your event free of charge. Please specify if you would like Ticketline to print from its own ticket stock for your event.
Note: If you are providing hard stock for Ticketline to use please ensure you allow Ticketline enough time to post out tickets to customers.

Ticket Printing

We can also print tickets for you to sell elsewhere. Tickets can be printed from 8p plus VAT per ticket for hologrammed, fraud-resistant stock, dependant on quantities. If you would like to take advantage of this service the please specify the number and type of tickets. Tickets can be either be collected (by appointment only) or sent out (pricing below).

Printing costs Delivery costs
Volume Price per ticket (plus VAT)
1-100 13p
101-500 12p
501-1000 11p
1001-2000 10p
2001-5000 9p
5000+ 8p
Volume Delivery Price
0-1000 £6.00
1001-4000 £10.00
4001-8000 £20.00
Every further 8000 £20.00

Handling Charges

Please specify the handling charge to be charged to the customer per transaction.

Tickets sent by special delivery (insured) are always signed for by the customer so duplicate tickets are never requested.

If you choose for tickets to be sent by 1st class post then we would need to guestlist/duplicate on the night any tickets 'lost in the post' that are not received by the customer so you must also allow venue collects.

You may choose to send seated tickets by regular post and standing tickets by special delivery.

In the last 5 days before an event we are unable to post tickets but can continue selling if you allow venue collects, we can then send you a customer list on the morning of the event when we close the show.

Sales Reports

Ticketline can send you regular sales reports by email during office hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, please state your preference.

Marketing Advertising Promotion

In return for exclusive and main agent status we will:

  1. Guarantee you a front page article on our website and in the sub-category genre pages.
  2. Guarantee you a major article in our newsletter.
  3. Give you dedicated e-shots to specific demographics.

To our client database in excess of 1.4 million registered users and over 30 million hits per year. Please note: Due to spamming considerations we will treat every request on its merits and a risk/reward basis and decide accordingly.

Advertising Details

Sales Hotline Website
0844 888 9991 (Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge.) www.ticketline.co.uk

Please confirm how you will advertise yourselves and Ticketline.

After submitting this form, a copy of the information will be emailed to the contact email address you have provided as proof of receipt.

Your event will be created within 48 hours, subject to exceptional circumstances, and your Account Manager will contact you with details of the links to your selling page.

Further, your Account Manager along with the Sales Team will provide answers to any other questions that you may have.

Thank you for your business.